capito provides accessibility!

You want to know whether rooms, flats, buildings, public spaces or entire districts are truly accessible?

capito inspects the accessibility of our surroundings with the proven CEDOS-tool and multiple years of experience. The capito team consists of experts who often work in their own best interest. Because who could tell you more about accessibility for people in wheelchairs than someone who actually sits in a wheelchair?

Experts on-site

The capito experts on accessibility visits you on-site. You will get instant feedback. capito consults you from the beginning to the end of your new construction project and also supports you with making existing buildings accessible.
This includes the accessibility of districts, regions or buildings. Our experts are familiar with the applicable standards and policies in Austria and Germany.

We are happy to provide you with the following analysis packages:

  • Basic Accessibility Analysis: We test your offer with the CEDOS-tool. You receive a written result log and the “Ready for Accessibility”-quality mark.
  • Individual Accessibility Package: On top of the Basic Accessibility Analysis you will also receive improvement suggestions and consultation on marketing and advertising texts.
  • Complete Accessibility Package: The package consists of an on-site analysis conducted by people with disabilities, a photo documentation and all other services of the smaller consultation packages.

Together we can achieve great things.

Together we can make a difference and create a liveable environment for everyone. In the network “Ready for Accessibility” 90 municipalities and companies in Austria and Germany came together to commit to accessibility.

During the annual network meeting interesting developments on accessibility are being presented. This includes best practice examples like clever new technologies that can make life for people with disabilities easier.

With the CEDOS-tool box you can analyse your services by yourself!

New clients are good for your business. More quality of life leads to more contentment in your community. CEDOS is the self-documentation-system of capito. The CEDOS-tool box is a collection of handy tools that support businesses, municipalities and tourism businesses with implementing accessibility in their projects.


With the CEDOS-tool box you receive:

  • Access to an online data bank which will enable you to create checklists that perfectly match your requirements
  • An info package with a lot of practical knowledge and helpful examples
  • An extensive service package that supports you with your work

Accessibility folders

Help for self-help: The „Infoblätter Barrierefreiheit“-folders provide an easy and quick overview over all important measures that make spaces accessible. Question based on the DIN-standards support you with implementing the physical accessibility.

You can access the questions and further information by scanning the QR-codes on the folders with the capito app.

Accessibility Workshops

Our capito experts will adapt the coachings and workshops to your individual needs and requirements. Together we will overcome potential fears of contacts and other barriers. The capito workshops cover short introductions, part-time workshops and in-depth multi-day workshops.

Workshop topics

  • Barrier-free construction
  • Touristic services for everyone
  • Barrier-free event planning
  • Safety trainings

Sensitisation Workshops

Don’t just read about it – experience it first-hand.

“We haven’t seen it this way before.”
“I didn’t know that.”
“We didn’t consider this.”

Reactions like these prove, that barriers often result from a lack of knowledge. Our sensitisation workshops open eyes, provide new insights and set the mood for change.

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Magª (FH) Karoline Körner

Physical Accessibility

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