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Our solution for the economy and industry

For over 50% of the adult population, information released by companies is difficult to comprehend.


For companies of all industries, this has dire consequences: Increased cost, high overhead and missed out revenue.

Your benefits in being easily comprehensible:


Reduction of labor cost
With easily comprehensible information, employees save valuable work time. In addition, questions and labor cost are reduced.


Reduction of workplace accidents
Workplace accidents are expensive. With pinpoint communication, accidents can be prevented and money saved.


Increase of revenue and profit

Comprehension leads to trust and trust leads to bond. A strong bond between you and your employees and customers ultimately increases your profit.

We are here to support you to communicate more clearly

With our solution, we help SMBs and corporates to communicate more clearly. We simplify all your information with high quality. No matter if it’s about applications, information on websites, safety briefings, training materials or contracts.

With our help, your company will be ready for the Barrierefreiheitsgesetz (part of the European Accessibility Act) long before 2025.

Example provision fund easy understandable

An example of how we can help

One example of our work is the easily comprehensible account notification for fair-finance provision fund. These notifications were a great success, 40% of all recipients changed the language level through the provided QR code.

More examples of how our solution can help to better reach your target groups:

Easy-to-understand rule books


Feel free to contact us for your individual quote. We are looking forward to hear from you!

Julia Zechberger
Head of Sales capito