Computer linguist (f/m/d)

For 38.5 hours a week

Over 23 million people in Austria, Germany and Switzerland can’t read or understand complex information. Worldwide, that adds up to 750 million people.

A society is in danger of breaking apart if a large number of people no longer understand what is being communicated from “above”.
We can do something about it! By making information easier to understand, we can ensure that everyone understands. That is exactly what capito does.

About your job

You will work with a young, dynamic team to develop an AI-based product for automated text simplification and translation. Your primary tasks will be the computer linguistic data processing and the configuration of the AI engine. Our highly qualified research partner and your fellow team members will support you at all times.

Your experience & skills

  • Senior experience and completed studies with a focus on computer linguistics
  • Pre-processing
  • Development of seq2seq models (specifically: translation and summarization models)
  • Development of rule-based methods
  • Development of traditional statistical and neural-based classification models

Who we are: capito

  • We are an unconventional and innovative social business. That means: we are a company that wants to achieve social impact. Of course, this also includes dealing socially with each other and our time.
  • It is possible to work up to 100% remotely, apart from a minimum of one-day attendance every 3 weeks (3 weeks sprint cycle).
  • We work in a green setting that includes an old villa, a vegetable garden as well as a small restaurant with freshly cooked lunches every day (also vegetarian and vegan).
  • Free time management is a given for us. We assume that you know when and where your skills and time are needed.
  • Speaking of time: We know how important time off is to stay creative and productive. That’s why we give you 1 week of time credit every year. After 5 years, you can take a paid sabbatical of 5 weeks in addition to your vacation.
  • And most importantly, in 2020, we have reached 8 million people with our services. Your job will help us reach 100 million in the future.

Your working hours

The employment scope is 38.5 hours. However, we are open if you do not want to work full time.

Your salary

The salary is based on the Austrian collective agreement for IT. The grading depends on your experience.

Are you interested?

Then apply now! We are looking forward to getting to know you!

Morschner Mario Profilbild

Mario Morschner
Head of Information and Communication Technology
Phone: +43 316 / 81 47 16 26