Easy Learning

The digital learning platform lernen.capito.eu provides you with easy-to-understand learning documents online. You can learn easily on your computer or mobile phone - all you need is Internet access.

How does the learning platform work?

On the learning platform we offer different learning documents and packages. The learning content can be actively used by the learners on their PC or smartphone.
With the purchase of one or more modules you get one year of access to the learning content. Updates are loaded automatically. After one year, you can easily extend or terminate your access.
All learning content is also available with the capito App for mobile use at any time.

Learning topic: "Safety at work"

The "Safety at Work" package is currently available with 6 modules on the topics of landscape maintenance, wood, kitchen, storage, metal and cleaning. More modules and packages will follow soon.
The learning documents are very easy to understand. The texts correspond to the language level Easy Reading A2 or B1. Numerous illustrations support comprehension and learning. Each learning module ends with an interactive quiz, in which the learners themselves can check whether everything has been correctly understood and learned.

Start the learning adventure!