Junge Frau in weißer Bluse schaut auf ihr Smartphone.

The capito App

The capito app provides translations in different language levels or languages.

The user simply selects the appropriate version at the touch of a finger.

Free download:


Junger Mann hört Musik und benutzt sein Smartphone in urbaner Umgebung.

The benefits for your customers

  • Barrier-free access to information
  • Promotion of self-determination
  • The self-selected language level increases comprehension
  • Minimization of communication effort
  • Minimization of time expenditure
Junge Dame mit Brille in weißer Bluse lächelt..

Your benefit as a company or authority

  • You communicate barrier-free
  • You increase the trust and acceptance of your company by your customers
  • Your information is available digitally and flexibly
  • Data protection is guaranteed
  • The legal security of your information is maintained
  • You save many unnecessary costs
  • You relieve the burden on complaint management

And it's as simple as that

You give us your original text.

We translate into the language levels you require.

You place your QR code on the original document.

Your customers scan the code with the capito app and enjoy the easy-to-understand translations directly on their smartphones.


Simply scan the QR codes with the capito App.

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