Quality audit and certification

Hier wird eine capito Pr√ľfgruppe gezeigt

Proven quality, audited by the target group

To us quality means that products and information are barrier-free for costumers: A well-written text is written in a way that makes it understandable and applicable for its readers. This is why representatives of the target group audit the capito translations. Because only they know what is easily understandable for them ‚Äď and what is not.

Only after the translations passed the standardised testing procedure the document is awarded with the capito quality label for Leicht Lesen.

The capito quality label for Leicht Lesen stands for tested quality in the language levels A1, A2 and B1.

capito G√ľtesiegel A1¬† ¬† capito G√ľtesiegel A2¬† ¬†¬†

Checkliste die abgehakt wird

The capito quality standard

To guarantee that we achieve the capito quality we created a criteria catalog for different groups of people. It is very important that a validation group audits all capito products. Die auditors are people that are part of the target group. For example, people with learning difficulties or people who cannot speak German properly. They are the experts for barrier-free information.

To download as a barrier-free PDF (in German):

We work according to the capito quality standards. The quality label for Leicht Lesen is awarded to every information product translated by capito.

capito T√úV Zertifikat


The T√úV checks the capito quality standard annually.
T√úV ist short for Technischer √úberwachungsverein.
If everything is fine the T√úV awards capito with a certificate.
This certificate is called  TÜV-certificate.

The capito quality label is awarded to products and information that are created in accordance to the capito quality standards.

Download (in German):