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capito Hamburg

Grone Netzwerk Hamburg GmbH - gemeinn├╝tzig

Heinrich-Grone-Stieg 1
20097, Hamburg

The Grone Netzwerk is the creative part of the Grone-Verbund and belongs to the biggest educational institutions in Hamburg. Our aspiration exceeds pure educational purposes and employment measures. Instead, we offer a holistic approach. We accompany participants on their way to find a qualified employment. The goal is to empower participants to live self-determined lives, independent of state transfer payments.

In addition to that we have a passion for smart networking and stay in close touch with businesses and national and international cooperation partners and colleagues.

Plus: We are developing constantly! As a new capito partner we now explore a new business area that already excites us! Understanding is an essential part of living and learning. capito provides us with an opportunity to reach all communities hence enabling them to actively participate in our society through information and communication.

We look forward to this task!