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capito Kärnten-Osttirol

autArK Soziale Dienstleisungs-GmbH

Rudolfsbahngürtel 2
9020, Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

What does capito Kärnten-Osttirol do?

In September 2014 capito Kärnten-Osttirol joined the capito network, which covers Austria, Germany and Switerland.

capito Kärnten-Osttirol is a part of autArK Sozialen Dienstleistungs-GmbH. autArK is looking back on numerous years of experience in the social and professional inclusion based on the UN-Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

autArK wants all people to be able to live an autonomous life. With capito Kärnten-Osttirol autArK is now also a qualified contact when it comes to barrier-free information. Being able to understand texts is a key factor in making decisions and leading an autonomous life. This is why capito Kärnten-Osttirol translates texts in a way, which makes them easy-to-understand for as many people as possible – especially people with learning difficulties. The check of a validation group, consisting of people for whom the texts are being translated for, guarantees that the information “arrives” at their target group.

23 million adults in Austria and Germany face difficulties with reading and understanding information. Hence reading difficulties are not only limited to people with learning difficulties. People with a low educational level, people with a migrant background, elderly people and even businesses and offices are all affected. All of them can equally benefit from easy-to-read texts. Almost everyone can benefit from easy-to-understand information really!

The core business of capito Kärnten-Osttirol is the translation of information and the holding of workshops.