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Barrier-free and easy to read: We translate texts into easy to understand language.

If you are looking for easy to understand content for your sector you came to the right place. capito translates into three language levels: A1 (short and simple), A2 (easily understandable) and B1 (colloquial language). The basis for these translations is the capito quality standard.

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The capito method

We translate into three language levels. All texts are being audited by the target group.

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Certified quality

The TÜV-certification and constant quality checks guarantee highest translation quality.

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What is easily understandable language?

Simple language, easy to read, easy to understand language: All these terms refer to texts that are also easy to understand for people with learning difficulties.

Texts that are written in easily understandable language are essential to accessibility.

Texts that are written in easy to understand language are categorized in three language levels:  A1, A2 and B1.

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Why is simple language important?

In Austria, Germany and Switzerland approximately 24 million people cannot read properly. The majority of information provided by companies and authorities is not comprehensible for these people.

By providing information in easily understandable language, you can make sure that more people understand what you are saying. This way you can avoid misunderstanding and misinformation and contribute to accessibility and inclusion.

Because reading and understanding information is an essential prerequisite to live an independent life.

55 million

people have literacy difficulties in Europe

2 billion

people struggle to read a sentence worldwide

750 million

illiterates worldwide


of corporate information has a complexity level of B2 or higher


of people understand only easily understandable information, lower than B1


of people have reading and writing difficulties

1.2 trillion dollars

arise as costs from illiteracy

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Where is easy to understand language used?

Easily understandable language is used in all sectors where it is the goals to inform as many people as possible.

This covers companies and businesses as well as authorities, offices and institutions.

In accordance with that capito can refer to a broad reference portfolio. Amongst our clients are APA, Magenta, Bank Austria and Arbeiterkammer Steiermark. You can find more references here.

The language levels A1, A2 and B1

capito translates texts into three different language levels. These correspond to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (abbreviated in English as CEFR). CEFR is the European standard for the evaluation of language competence. It consists of three different levels:

Level A marks an essential, Level B an independent and Level C a competent language application.

In the German-speaking area approximately 80% of the existing information is provided in language level C. However, 40% of the people cannot understand this language level. If you provide information in language levels A and B, more people will understand you.

Level A1

A1 is the most easy to understand language level.
Common words, very short sentences and a very simple grammar are being used. The information is broken down to its essential part.

Level A2

Texts written in A2 enable readers to understand the most important information.
For example: Reading a notice or manual, understanding it and being able to act accordingly.

Level B1

Texts in level B1 rely on the prior knowledge and vocabulary of experienced readers. However they do avoid any kind of jargon.
These texts are helpful anywhere where the goal is to reach the majority of people.

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How is information translated into easily understandable language?

The translation into easy to understand language follows strict rules. Only by following these rules, the high capito quality standards can be achieved.

The final audit of all translations by the target group is an integral part of our work. Only if the translations comply with the formal and content-related requirements of the capito list of criteria AND pass the target group audit the translations meet the capito quality standard. After the translation the texts are awarded with the Leicht Lesen quality label.

The capito method is awarded with the TÜV-certificate annually. It is the only TÜV-certified method in the German-speaking area.


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Easy to understand language, available online

The capito translations are not only easy to read and understand they are also easily accessible: Directly on your smartphone with the capito App or with a simple click on a website with the capito Weblink/iFrame.

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