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capito Hamburg

Grone Netzwerk Hamburg GmbH - gemeinnützig

Who we are

Grone Netzwerk Hamburg GmbH – non-profit – is the “creative forge” in the Grone network and is one of the largest education providers in Hamburg. Our claim goes far beyond mere educational and employment measures. Rather, we offer a “holistic” approach that follows the goal of accompanying participants on their way to qualified employment and thus to a self-determined lifestyle independent of state transfer payments. Furthermore, with great commitment and intelligent networking, we are in close exchange with companies as well as national and international cooperation partners and colleagues.

Our daily work is characterised by a high degree of communication within a very heterogeneous group of participants. A wide variety of people, cultures and languages come together every day in our measures. It is therefore particularly important to make communication as easy and comprehensible as possible for everyone.
With the capito criteria catalogue, we have the tools to adapt information and communication even better to the target groups. Our initial interest in plain language has turned into an enthusiasm for accessible information for all people. And we want to pass that on. We want to make easy-to-understand language and accessible information media the standard for all Hamburg institutions and companies. So that social participation becomes possible for all people in Hamburg.

You can find more information on our website.