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capito app

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The app for barrier-free information written in easy to understand language

The capito app provides translations in different language levels and languages. The user can choose the fitting version with a simple click.

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The capito app helps people to better understand information

According to the German LEO-study 60 percent of the German population can only understand information up to language level B1. Only 7 percent master language levels C1 or C2. Yet 68 percent of all corporate and administrative information are exclusively available at language level C1.

  • The capito app breaks down language and communication barriers between people and organisations
  • Unlimited communication channel to your target group
  • Digital communication to your customers and clients
  • Minimisation of communication effort
  • Fast implementation of your content
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Your benefits

  • You communicate with your employees, clients and stakeholders
  • You heighten trust in and acceptance of your business with your clients
  • You save multiple unnecessary costs
  • You unburden your complaint management

It's this simple

You give us your original text.

We translate the text into your requested language levels.

You place your QR-Code on your original document.

Your clients scan the QR-code with the capito app and enjoy the easy to understand translations on their smartphones.

Demo examples

You can also view the easy to understand information here on the website

  • Easy to understand information

Alternatively you can also use the capito app:

  • Simply scan the QR-codes with the capito app and read the easy to understand translations on your smartphone.
  • Or: Click on the QR-codes and view the easy to understand translations on the website.

Täglicher Nachrichtenüberblick
in leichter Sprache

APA Top Easy


Broschüre „Die Stadt meines Lebens“

Referat für Integration der Stadt Graz

Infos für Studierende aus anderen Ländern

Universität Graz



Rummelsberger Diakonie


Museum Arbeitswelt Steyr


Femos Stuttgart

The capito app hard facts

Here you can find all technical requirements of the capito app at a glance!

1. The capito native apps are available for android and iOS devices

  • iOS-devices from version 10 and higher are compatible with the capito app
  • Android-devices from version 4.4 and higher are compatible with the capito app
  • Distribution of your translated content via QR-code
  • Optional availability of global topic channels

2. The capito iFrame

The capito iFrame can be used in two different ways:

  • Option 1: The iframe link leads to a separately hosted web view
  • Option 2: The HTML-code is used for a direct implementation of the iframe on the website.
  • Following browsers are compatible with the capito iframe: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari 10+

3. Optional access to our document management system for independent management of your content

4. Optional branding 



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