capito App -
comprehensible and accessible for your target group

Understandable information directly on the smartphone - anytime and anywhere

With the capito App, you ensure comprehensibility and accessibility. Your target group can read your content directly on their smartphone in the appropriate language level.

That way, you reach more people. And you effectively contribute to inclusion and accessibility.

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You want to use the capito App for your company?

This is the process when you work with us:

1. Text translation

You give us your original texts. We translate your information into easy-to-understand language. You select the lanugage level(s).

2. Create and place QR-code

You will receive a QR-code from us, which you can place online and offline as you wish.

3. Retrieve easy-to-understand content

Your customers scan the QR-code. They can read your content in the language level that suits them directly on their smartphone.

Why is the capito App so important?

The capito App helps people understand information better.

In the German speaking countries, about 80 % of the information is written at language level C. However, 40 % of people are unable to understand this level.

If you offer content in easier language levels, more people will understand it. Find out more about Easy Language and why it is important for our society here.

With the capito App, your customers choose the language level that suits them. So you can be sure that you will be understood.

And you’re contributing to inclusion and accessibility.

Advantages of the capito App

Communicate clearly

With the capito App you ensure accessible communication with your employees, customers, and stakeholders.

Strengthen trust

Strengthen the trust in your company. The satisfaction of your target group will increase.

Save costs

Clear communication saves you unnecessary costs. It also allows you to tap into new target groups.

Increase reach

Reach more people and effectively expand your target audience.

With the capito App you ensure accessibility

The capito App has various functions that specifically break down perceptual barriers. This allows you to reach your target group in a way that is easy to understand and barrier-free.

Different language levels

Your target group can choose the language level that suits them.

Multiple languages

Your target group speaks more than just one language? No problem! You can easily integrate different languages into the app.

Read aloud function

The capito app has its own read aloud function. In addition, the capito App can be used with the voice output.

Integration of sign language videos

The capito App enables the integration of videos in sign language. 

Try the capito App right now!

Try out the capito App yourself and download it to your smartphone for free.


Here you can find the technical requirements of the capito App.

1. capito native app is available for devices with Android and iOS operating systems

  • iOS devices are compatible with the capito App from version 10 and onwards
  • Android devices are compatible with the capito App from version 4.4 and onwards
  • Distribution of your translated content via QR-codes
  • Optional availability of public theme channels

2. capito iFrame

With the capito iFrame you have 2 possibilities to choose from:

  • Option 1: The iFrame link leads to a separately hosted webview.
  • Option 2: The HTML code is used for direct integration of the iFrame into the website.
    The following browsers are compatible with the capito iFrame: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari 10+. 

You can find more information about weblink and iFrame here.


3. Optional access and integration to our document management system for independent management of your content


4. Optional branding 

Do you have any questions regarding the capito App?

Don’t hesitate to contact us.