Make the world more understandable with your texts

capito digital is a tool for easy language. It supports you in simplifying texts.

Simplify difficult and incomprehensible words and phrases. This way you can adapt your texts perfectly to the language level of your target group.

Please note that currently, capito digital is only available for the German language.

Does this sound familiar?

… then capito digital can help you!

Why should you use capito digital?

Understandability is the trend

Promote inclusion

Increase trust

Reach more people

Together we ensure comprehensibility.

capito digital checks your texts for comprehensibility.

You decide for which language level you want to write. And receive simplification tips that are optimal for this level.

Together, we create a world in which all people can understand.

Please note that currently, capito digital is only available for the German language.

What can capito digital do?

1. Understandable in 3 language levels

You can see immediately how understandable you are for which language level.

2. Concrete simplification tips

The tool gives you tips that you can implement immediately.

3. Correct gendering

capito digital shows you where and how you can use gender in an easily understandable way.

4. Faster, easier, cheaper

capito digital saves you annoying feedback loops. 

5. Certified quality

You benefit directly from 20 years of capito know-how.

6. Joy of writing

capito digital makes easy language simple. Try it out for yourself!

Please note that currently, capito digital is only available for the German language.

What impact does capito digital have?

“The Corona crisis has shown the damage that texts that are difficult to understand can cause. Text quality means comprehensibility.

That is why we have developed capito digital. Our artificial intelligence for easy language reliably assesses the comprehensibility of information. It has the experience of 6,000 easy language projects.

Every day we continue to develop artificial intelligence. Soon capito digital will be able to produce fully automated easy language!”

Paul Anton Mayer
Chief Digital Officer at capito


What do people who already use capito digital say?

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Find the package that's right for you!

For the launch of capito digital, you can secure the digital writing assistance at a special price!

With annual billing, you also get 2 months free every year.


30 per month incl. USt.
  • Improvement tips for 3 language levels für 3 Sprachstufen
  • Gender function
  • Unlimited characters
  • Access for 1 person
  • Up to 100 improvement tips per text


145 per month incl. USt.
  • Improvement tips for 3 language levels
  • Gender function
  • Unlimited characters
  • Access for 5 people
  • Up to 100 improvement tips per text


420 per month incl. USt.
  • Improvement tips for 3 language levels
  • Gender function
  • Unlimited characters
  • Access for 15 people
  • Up to 200 improvement tips per text

Please note that currently, capito digital is only available for the German language.

... or are you looking for a customized offer, an API or an on-premises solution?

Just write to us! We will be happy to answer your questions about capito digital and are sure to find a suitable solution for you.

Do you have any questions?

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about capito digital

What happens with my data?

When you register with capito digital, you have to provide some information about yourself. This is to make sure that our easy language tool is not misused.

You don’t have to worry: We handle your data very carefully. It will not be passed on to third parties.

What can capito digital do?

capito digital makes simplifying information easy.

The tool has many different functions that help you make your information easier quickly. These include: 

– Comprehensibility check for 3 language levels (A1, A2, B1).
– Concrete simplification tips
– Gender check for gender-sensitive language
– Shared documents for teams

Try it out and test capito digital in full functionality for 30 days free of charge: Get started now!

How does capito digital know what is understandable?

capito digital is based on an artificial intelligence. In order for the artificial intelligence to learn what is easy or difficult to understand, it has been provided with over 6,000 translation projects from the capito network. 

The projects all comply with the TÜV-certified capito quality standard. This means that with capito digital you benefit directly from capito quality!

In addition, capito digital is always learning. The more people use the tool, the better the analyses and tips that capito digital gives you.

How does capito digital work?

capito digital is very easy to use:

  1. Copy your text into the tool.
  2. capito digital checks your text for comprehensibility. You can then see at a glance how comprehensible your text is for which language level.
  3. Select the language level for which you want to write: B1, A2 or A1.
  4. capito digital gives you tips on how to simplify your text. This way you can increase the comprehensibility for the language level you have chosen.
  5. If you activate the gender function, capito digital also checks whether your text is correctly gendered.

When you are finished, you can simply copy the text back out of the tool!

Why was capito digital developed?

capito has been active in the field of easy language and accessible information for over 20 years. Over the years, we have built up an enormous amount of knowledge and know-how, which we want to pass on with capito digital.

The demand for easy-to-understand information is constantly increasing. However, writing texts in easy language costs a lot of time and money.

With capito digital, we want to change that: The tool supports you in making your texts quickly understandable. You can accept more orders and translate more texts. In this way, you effectively contribute to a more inclusive world in which all people can say: I understand!

Is there also a free version of capito digital?

You can test capito digital free of charge for the first 30 days

Do I have to provide payment details for the trial subscription?

No, you do not have to provide any payment information for the trial subscription. However, we do ask you for some personal data to prevent misuse.

What functions does the trial subscription include?

During the free 30 days you can use all the functions of the starter package.

What happens after the trial subscription expires?

Your trial subscription ends automatically after 30 days. You do not have to cancel it.

Your account will automatically be switched to a smaller free account. You can continue to use capito digital, but you will only be shown a maximum of 5 suggestions for improvement at a time. This means that you can continue to use capito digital for social media or other short texts.

What can I do if I no longer want to use capito digital?

If you no longer want to use capito digital, you can delete your account at any time. To do so, click on your name in the top right-hand corner of capito digital and select “Profile”. Now go to “Delete profile and data”. Confirm that you want to delete your profile and then click on the red button to permanently delete your profile.