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54% of adults do not understand written information they receive from authorities and companies. This is a big problem for our society. Together we can solve this problem and make the world more understandable.

We rely on our large network and sustainable partnerships. Because we can achieve much more together.
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Start your own capito location and spread our concept in your region.

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You will sell the entire capito portfolio and earn attractive commissions.

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You create easy-to-understand texts for your company with the support of franchise partners.

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You sell capito digital and earn attractive commissions.

Forschungs Partnerschaft

Together we work on the further development of our digital tools.


Burgi und Klaus - Gründungsgeschichte von capito

capito makes sense

Join us on our mission to make the world more understandable.

If you want a good invention to help many people, you have to make sure that it is spread widely.

Many good social ideas go unused because they lack a suitable distribution model. That’s why we decided to use the elements of branding and franchising to spread capito.

This means that various effective organizations and people with social goals join forces to strengthen capito. Their goal is the highest quality and broad impact for as many people as possible.

The capito network in numbers

Social Franchise Partnerschaft

Social franchise partnership

We want a world where all people can say, “I get it!”

As a capito social franchise partner, you are an important part of an active network. We provide you with our entire know-how from more than 20 years of experience. Together with us, you will further develop the capito concept and spread it in your region. With our successful products you are ready to start immediately. You will also benefit from capito’s high brand awareness.

“Through the capito franchise model, we can take the know-how that capito has accumulated over the years and thereby move quickly into practical implementation.”

Bernd Heggenberger, Head of Department at capito Bodensee

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We will share our
know-how with you

A social franchise partnership begins with the transfer of know-how, where the employees of the new franchise location receive intensive training and support in setting up their location.

How long does it take until I can offer capito services as a social franchise partner?

The know-how transfer phase usually takes about 4-12 months. But you can enter the market and offer services with the network’s support from the beginning of the social franchise partnership.

All capito social partners are voting members of the capito network and thus participate in all further developments and decisions. The social franchise partners meet regularly and continue their education together in internal network meetings.

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Vertriebs-Partnerschaft mit Social Franchise

Sales partnership

As a sales partner, you use your existing network to distribute our products and services.

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Quality partnership

The capito quality partnership is a model for social organizations, authorities or institutions that want to inform their own target groups or customers in an easily understandable way. 

As a capito quality partner you are supported by authorized social franchise partners in your area. They are available for tips, spot checks and practical assistance.

For capito quality partners, regular network meetings and training sessions are offered. If you want to know who is a quality partner already, click here.

To become a capito quality partner, you have to complete the capito easy-to-read course (At the moment this course is only available in German). This ensures the high quality of our network.

After completing the training, you can join our network by paying an annual fee and benefit from many advantages.

Qualitäts-Partnerschaft mit Social Franchise
Affiliate-Partnerschaft mit Social Franchise

Affiliate partnership

As an affiliate partner, you distribute capito digital in your existing network. An affiliate partnership is settled by means of a commission system: This means that you earn a fixed percentage of the sales price for each sale of capito digital.

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Research partnership

capito focuses on the highest quality based on scientific criteria – according to the motto: “We don’t just believe it, we know it!”

We work closely with universities and scientists. The research partnerships enable us to constantly improve our criteria and our digital tools. This makes us trendsetters in the field of easy-to-understand language.

Forschungs Partnerschaft

Do you want to schedule an info call or ask further questions about our partnerships?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our partnerships


Why is franchising so successful?

Many people are confronted with franchise systems every day without realizing it. Well-known stores, restaurants or fitness studios successfully implement the franchise system.

Well-known examples are McDonalds, Mediamarkt, Mrs. Sporty or RE/MAX.

Franchise is a regulated partnership in which the idea and concept of an already existing, successful company is adopted for one’s own business.

Franchise models make it easier for people to set up a new business themselves because existing products and concepts that have already been tried and tested on the market can be adopted. This reduces the risk and also the time and financial outlay, because it is not necessary to invent a whole new business model.

What is Social Franchise?

Many people are already familiar with the principle of franchising, i.e. spreading business models through partnerships.

Social franchising goes one step further. Social franchising puts the common good first. However, this does not mean that social franchise systems do not want to make money. The economic interest and the social interest are combined.

This means capito wants to earn money with the products sold and at the same time have a positive impact on society.

How can I become a franchise partner?

In principle, all organizations and companies that want to work with us to make the world easier to understand can become franchise partners.

However, there are also requirements that must be met. One requirement is expertise in communication, especially in Easy Language. If you don’t have this expertise yet, that’s not a problem. You can take the capito course. In this course you will learn everything you need to know in order to communicate in a way that is easy to understand.

As a franchise partner you work on the market independently. A basic understanding of economics and the will to actively sell our products is therefore the second basic requirement.

In addition to the professional suitability, it is particularly important to us that you want to fit into the network. Transparent communication, passion for Easy Language and the joy of working in a network are the basis of our success.

What does it cost to become a franchise partner?

As a franchise partner, you will receive our successful concept and our knowledge from more than 20 years of experience. We organize network meetings, trainings, develop digital products and provide a digital infrastructure (e.g. CRM and intranet).

These services cost money. For you that means: You pay a one-time entry fee and a fixed fee annually. There is a revenue shar for the digital products. You benefit from attractive commissions. We will be happy to tell you more in a personal meeting.

How can I become a quality partner?

To become a capito Quality Partner, you must first complete our easy-to-read course. Afterwards, you can join our network by paying an annual fee and benefit from many advantages.

Why do I have to complete this course?
This way can we ensure that we can maintain the existing quality.

At the moment this course is only available in German.

Which quality partners are already involved?

There are currently more than 60 quality partners in the capito network. Click here for the current list.