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In the capito training courses you will learn everything you need to know about easy-to-understand information!

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Please note that the courses are held in German.

Our training offer at a glance

"Leicht Lesen"
  • Content: Accessible information and easy-to-understand language, accessible communication, accessible design of documents
  • Scheduled training
  • Optionally online or on site
"Barrier-free gendering"
  • Content: Correct and easy-to-understand gendering
  • No fixed dates
  • eLearning
"Barrier-free speaking"
  • Content: Easy to understand speaking
  • No fixed dates
  • eLearning
"Accessible graphic"
  • Content: Design of accessible graphic products
  • No fixed dates
  • eLearning
"Writing in plain language"
online course
  • Content: Easy-to-understand writing
  • Time-bound training
  • Online course
Customised online courses for your company

We create customised training solutions for business clients! The courses can be held in either English or German.

📍 Optionally online or on site
📅 Scheduled training

The capito "Leicht Lesen" course

The “Leicht Lesen” course is the right choice for anyone who wants to create accessible information on their own.

In this course you will learn the TÜV-certified method of barrier-free communication.

  • Theoretical and legal basics of accessible information
  • Practical learning and practising of text translations: from difficult-to-understand original texts into the language levels A1, A2 and B1
  • Accessible design of documents
  • Accessible communication
  • Introduction to working with test groups

You can complete the course online or on-site!

📍 E-learning
📅 No fixed dates

Barrier-free gendering

The discussion about “correct” gendering is currently in full swing. The aspect of comprehensibility comes up short in many discussions.

In this self-study e-learning you will learn how to gender your texts inclusively while remaining easy to understand.

📍 E-learning
📅 No fixed dates

Barrier-free speaking

In this e-learning for accessible speaking, you will learn the basics of easy-to-understand communication.

There are no scheduled live elements. You learn for yourself at your own pace.

📍 E-learning
📅 No fixed dates

Barrier-free graphics

In this e-learning you will learn the general rules for designing accessible layouts. The focus is mainly on the print sector.

There are no scheduled live elements. You learn for yourself at your own pace.

📍 Online course
📅 Scheduled training

Writing in plain language

In this training, you will gain first insights into how to write texts in easy-to-understand language and how to explain facts more simply – barrier-free and tailored to your target group.

Under professional guidance, you learn how to write information in such a way that it reaches and is understood by your target group.

Customised B2B training

capito develops tailor-made learning offers for companies. The learning formats are fully adapted to the individual requirements.

The learning offer can contain e-learning elements for pure self-study or interactive elements such as homework with individual assessment and quizzes.

Of course, we also offer live inputs on site or online – or an exciting mix of many learning formats!


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Check out our FAQs! Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions!