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capito is suitable for everyone who writes texts. We can make any text easy-to-understand for any industry.
The following 5 examples show particularly common and important customer groups of capito.

Frau im Rollstuhl und zwei Männer besprechen capito Projekt mit Sozialbetriebe

Social enterprises

In many social enterprises people with and without disabilities work together every day. Therefore, it is extremely important that all employees in these enterprises understand each other well.

This can be achieved with the help of capito. Our solutions help social enterprises to provide easy-to-understand information for their employees.

We offer information in 3 language levels to meet the different needs for different people.

A better understanding leads to more inclusion and makes working in social enterprises notably easier. Our company has more than 20 years of experience in the social sector. Therefore, we understand the needs and wishes of social enterprises perfectly.

Production companies and Industry

Workplace accidents are among the biggest problems for production plants worldwide. They cause high costs, absences, and loss of sale. In Austria alone, accidents at work cost companies over 400 million euros every year. How can companies prevent such accidents?

In many cases, accidents happen because employees do not properly understand safety instructions or critical information at their workplace. capito can change this issue by providing information in easy-to-understand language. In this way, we can make sure that all employees understand important safety instructions.

Our calculations show that a company with 500 employees can save up to 429,500 euros in 5 years through easily understandable communication. Learn more.

Zwei Männer arbeiten sicher in einem Produktionsbetrieb - capito Projekt
Händeschütteln in einer Bank - capito Projekt

Banks and Insurance companies

Products from banks and insurance companies are often complex and hard to understand for most people. The product descriptions usually contain difficult expressions and specialized terms. The contracts that come with the offers are even harder to understand. However, most people rely on a bank account or insurances.

Our solutions help banks and insurance companies to communicate in an understandable way. We simplify banking apps, information on websites and contracts.

One good example of our work is the account statement in Easy Language for the fair-finance Vorsorgekasse. This project was a huge success. 49% of all readers switched between the language levels.

Understanding leads to trust. With the help of capito banks and insurance companies can reduce inquiries to relieve employees and address a broader target group.

The accessibility of texts can be easily checked and improved with capito digital. Try it now.

Public authorities

The Web Accessibility Act (Austria) and the BITV 2.0 (Germany) oblige all public institutions to design their websites accessibly. That also means that these websites must contain information in easily understandable language.

This is where capito can help. With our services, people can understand what public authorities need from them. They also have a better insight into what support they can get from the authorities. This avoids frustration and shortens waiting times.

capito is also a partner of the Bundesbeschaffung GmbH (BBG), the central organization for public procurement in Austria. This makes the collaboration between us and public authorities easy and fast.

Dame in öffentlicher Institution setzt Projekt mit capito um
Ein Foto von mehreren Zeitungen - capito Projekte mit Medien


Publishers, media houses and television stations provide the population with important information every day. Much of this information is difficult to understand. Therefore, it does not reach a big part of the population.

capito ensures that media providers can increase their target group and that important information reaches the entire population.

On example for our work with media are the APA TopEasy News. This project provides the most important daily news in Easy Language. The news can be found on the capito App. Additionally, we set up an online course on easy-to-understand communication for the ORF, Austria’s biggest broadcasting network.

We recommend capito digital to all customer groups as a support for writing easy-to-understand texts. Try it out now!

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Account statement in easy-to-understand language

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Online course for easy-to-understand communication​

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