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capito.ai - The AI tool for Easy Language

Increase your reach with easy-to-understand language

capito.ai supports you in writing better texts. With just a few clicks you can analyze and simplify your text in 3 language levels (A1, A2, B1) fully automatically.

Use the best simplification AI on the market now!

Important: capito.ai was developed for desktop use. Please use a laptop or PC to use capito.ai.

capito.ai supports you wherever you write

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What can the AI for Easy Language do?


Microsoft Outlook Add-In
Use capito.ai directly when writing your emails in Outlook.



Available in English and German
capito.ai simplifies texts in German and English language. You can simplify and even translate your texts in only one step.

Fully automated simplification
With just one click you can simplify your text in 3 easy-to-understand language levels.

Microsoft Word Add-in
The capito.ai supports you directly in your Word document.

Browser Add-ons
capito.ai supports you everywhere you write on the web. Just download the add-on for your browser. Good to know: The free browser add-ons are perfect for texting in your CMS. No API integration is needed.

Tips for more comprehensibility
Our tool helps you simplify your text step by step. It gives you concrete tips and hints.

Lexicon in Easy Language

The lexicon contains over 1,000 word explanations in simple language. You can copy the explanations directly into your text.

Simpler word suggestions

If capito.ai finds a term in your text that is difficult to understand, it will suggest a simpler word. You can insert the word with just one click.

Text analysis in 3 language levels 
Artificial intelligence analyzes your text. You immediately see how understandable your text is for language levels A1, A2 and B1.

Certified quality

The knowledge of capito.ai is based on 20 years of capito know-how. You profit directly from this knowledge.

Gender-sensitive and easily understandable

Our tool helps you to write in an easily understandable and gender-sensitive way.

Data protection

capito.ai does not save any of your text entries or pass them on to third parties.

Install capito.ai in Microsoft Word

Use our AI tool for Easy Language directly in Microsoft Word.

With the Word Add-In you can simplify your texts directly in your Word document! That makes writing easily understandable texts even more pleasant for you.

A picture of the capito.ai Word Add-in

Important: The capito add-in works from Microsoft Word 2019.

A picture of the capito.ai Outlook Add-in

Use capito.ai on Microsoft Outlook

Use the practical capito.ai add-in when you are writing emails in Microsoft Outlook.

We support you exactly where you write your texts. Put an end to emails that are hard to understand and use capito.

Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to install the Outlook add-in.

Get capito.ai for your browser

Why should you use capito.ai?

Increase reach
With simple and clear language, you will be understood by more people.

Legal requirements
EU legislation obliges companies to provide accessible information on their homepages.

Promote inclusion

When you write in an easy-to-understand way, you break down information barriers.

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