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When you register with capito digital, you must provide some information about yourself. This is how we make sure that our Easy Language tool is not misused.

No need to worry: We handle your data and texts very carefully. It will not be passed on to third parties.

capito digital makes simplifying information easy.

The tool has many different features to help you quickly make your information simpler. These include:

– Fully automated simplification in 3 language levels (A1, A2, B1)

– Comprehensibility check
– Concrete simplification suggestions

– Lexicon for difficult terms

– Browser add-ons and Word add-in
– Gender check for gender-sensitive language
– Shared documents for teams

Try it out and test capito digital: Get started now!

capito digital is based on an artificial intelligence. In order for the artificial intelligence to learn what is easy or difficult to understand, it has been provided with over 6,000 translation projects from the capito network.

The projects all comply with the TÜV-certified capito quality standard. This means that with capito digital you benefit directly from capito quality!

Furthermore, capito digital is always learning. The more people use the tool, the better the analyses and tips get.

capito digital is very easy to use:

  1. Copy your text into the tool. capito digital checks your text for comprehensibility. You will then see at a glance how understandable your text is for which language level.
  2. Choose which language level you want for your target group: B1, A2 or A1.
    capito digital gives you tips and concrete suggestions to simplify your text.
  3. You can also have your text simplified automatically. This way you can increase the comprehensibility for your chosen language level.
  4. If you activate the gender function, capito digital also checks whether your text is written in a gender-sensitive way.

When you’re done, you can simply copy the text from the tool or share it via buttons for various social media channels and email!

capito digital was developed for desktop use. You can use the tool on any laptop or PC.

You can use the tool in different ways.

  • Webservice: Visit and paste the text you want to simplify.
  • Browser Add-ons: Install the capito digital add-on on your browser. This way you can simplify your texts anytime and anywhere, no matter where you write.
  • Microsoft Word Add-In: Install capito digital in Word and get all functions directly in your Word document.
  • Microsoft Outlook Add-In: Install the capito digital add-in for Outlook and use it directly when writing emails.

With the help of capito digital, companies and public authorities can ensure that their information reaches the target group.

Access is possible via:

capito has been has been an expert for Easy Language and accessible information for over 20 years. Over the years, we have built up an enormous amount of knowledge and know-how, which we want to share with the help of capito digital.

The demand for easy-to-understand information is constantly increasing. However, writing texts in plain language costs a lot of time and money.

With capito digital we want to change that: The tool supports you in quickly making your texts understandable. You can accept more orders and translate more texts. This way, you effectively contribute to a more inclusive world in which all people can say: I have understood!

If you no longer want to use capito digital, you can delete your account at any time. To do so, click on your name in the top right corner of capito digital and select “Profile”. Now go to “Delete profile and data”. Confirm that you want to delete your profile and then click on the red button to delete your profile permanently.

You want to cancel your existing subscription? No problem: Just send an email to

For monthly and annual subscriptions, the cancellation period is 1 business day. For example, if your contract expires on June 11, you can cancel until June 10. The condition is that these are working days.

You can easily request a new password: Go to Follow the button for login on the right and you will see the option “Forgot password?“. Click on it and follow the instructions to reset your password.

On-premises solutions

You need a Kubernetes cluster with at least 2 nodes. At least one node must have a CUDA-compatible GPU with more than 16 GB of vRAM. If two GPU nodes are used, the other node must also have at least 16 GB of vRAM. If a CPU node is also used, a minimum memory resource of 16 GB is strongly recommended.

Both NLP services should be hosted on CUDA-compatible GPU nodes to optimize performance. The analysis service can be hosted on either a CPU or a GPU node. The simplification service must be hosted on a GPU node. If the simplification service is to be run on a CPU node, this must be coordinated with us in advance, as code changes must be made.

The API service has low system requirements and can run either on the same nodes or on other smaller nodes.

The system requirements at a glance:


Type: CPU or Nvidia GPU

Memory: > 16 GB

Memory: > 50 GB



Type: GPU

Memory: > 16 GB vRAM

Memory: > 400 GB


API service:

Type: CPU

Memory: > 2GB

Memory: > 20GB


Database Access Layer:

Type: CPU

Memory: > 2 GB

Memory: > 20GB

The node for the Simplifier service requires a lot of memory because NLP models for performing the simplifications have to be stored on it. We are working on an optimization here.

In general, the services CI/CD process is performed in two main steps:

1. A Docker image is created and placed in a Docker container registry.

2. Aa Kubernetes cluster update is performed with Helm Charts.

Since Docker images are stored in our organization’s private DockerHub repository, the image is not publicly available. However, finished images can be submitted to your Docker registry. To keep the registry credentials secret, a Secret Management tool helps integrate the credentials into our deployment process without anyone, including us, seeing the credentials.

To decide which pods to place on which node, you can specify labels or tolerances. To enable correct planning, the nodes must be provided with the correct labels or tolerances.

All services are interconnected, but can only be accessed via the API service. Ingress and gateway configurations can be defined and managed by the customer.


Many people are confronted with franchise systems every day without realizing it. Well-known stores, restaurants or fitness studios successfully implement the franchise system.

Well-known examples are McDonalds, Mediamarkt, Mrs. Sporty or RE/MAX.

Franchise is a regulated partnership in which the idea and concept of an already existing, successful company is adopted for one’s own business.

Franchise models make it easier for people to set up a new business themselves because existing products and concepts that have already been tried and tested on the market can be adopted. This reduces the risk and also the time and financial outlay, because it is not necessary to invent a whole new business model.

Many people are already familiar with the principle of franchising, i.e. spreading business models through partnerships.

Social franchising goes one step further. Social franchising puts the common good first. However, this does not mean that social franchise systems do not want to make money. The economic interest and the social interest are combined.

This means capito wants to earn money with the products sold and at the same time have a positive impact on society.

In principle, all organizations and companies that want to work with us to make the world more understandable can become franchise partners.

However, some requirements must be met. One requirement is expertise in communication, especially in Easy Language. If you don’t have this expertise yet, that’s not a problem. You can take the capito course. In this course you will learn everything you need to know in order to communicate in a way that is easy to understand.

As a franchise partner you work on the market independently. A basic understanding of economics and the will to actively sell our products is therefore the second basic requirement.

In addition to professional suitability, you must want to fit into the network. Transparent communication, passion for Easy Language, and the joy of working in a network are the basis of our success.

As a franchise partner, you will benefit from our successful concept and our knowledge from more than 20 years of experience. We organize network meetings, trainings, develop digital products, and provide a digital infrastructure (e.g. CRM and intranet).

These services cost money. For you, that means: You pay a one-time entry fee and a fixed fee annually. There is a revenue share for the digital products. You benefit from attractive commissions. We will happily tell you more in a personal meeting.

To become a capito quality partner, you must first complete our easy-to-read course. Afterward, you can join our network by paying an annual fee and benefit from many advantages.

Why do I have to complete this course?
This way we ensure that we can maintain the existing quality.

At the moment this course is only available in German.

There are currently more than 60 quality partners in the capito network. Click here for the current list.

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