capito API

capito API

Easy to understand texts directly in your system

The capito API enables you to use the functions and advantages of capito digital directly in your system.

Supports your communication helps you write easily understandable texts. Implement your own solution with the capito API. No matter if app or CMS.

An interface for your system
You can integrate all functions of into your products and systems.

Highest data security
The API complies with all GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) guidelines.

All information at a glance

AI-supported writing
The API includes all functions of

RESTlike and GraphQL
Depending on the function, the API is to be addressed in RESTlike or GraphQL style.

Information about the infrastructure

  • Server: Location in the EU
  • Authentication: Auth0

Database “on-premises”
Are you interested in an on-premises solution? Contact us!

APIs for all your requirements

Analysis API checks texts for comprehensibility and shows which simplifications can be made.

Suggestions API
For difficult words, suggests easy-to-understand alternatives.

Lexicon API
Easily understandable explanations can be requested directly.

Simplification API 
With, complex texts are simplified fully automatically for 3 language levels.

These companies rely on capito

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Don’t hesitate to contact us.