The capito Team

Get to know the faces behind capito. 


Our motivated team consists of experts in the fields of software development, artificial intelligence (AI), computational linguistics, text simplification, management, marketing, sales and much more.

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Walburga Fröhlich

Co-founder, CEO

Ernst Stelzmann - capito

Ernst Stelzmann
Chief Financial Officer, Managing Director

Mario Morschner - capito

Mario Morschner

Chief Operations Officer

Peter Probst - capito

Peter Probst
Chief Revenue Officer

Silvia Kogler - capito

Silvia Kogler
Head of Accounting and Controlling

Martin Gollegger

Martin Gollegger
Product Manager

Micha Fröhlich - capito

Micha Fröhlich
Head of Production

Karoline Körner - capito

Karoline Körner

Head of capito Graz

Uwe Lubrich - capito

Uwe Lubrich

Translator and Author

Foto von Ursula Semlitsch - capito

Ursula Semlitsch
Translator and Project Manager

Veronika Fröhlich - capito

Veronika Fröhlich

Translator and Partner Manager

Johannes Bauer - capito

Johannes Bauer
Head of Marketing

Emilio Leitner

Emilio Leitner

Digital Marketing Manager

Lara Reinbacher capito

Lara Reinbacher

Junior Marketing Manager – digital

Katharina Binder - capito

Katharina Binder

Expert on physical accessibility, accessible documents, and graphics

Melanie Wimmer Portraitfoto

Melanie Wimmer

Accessibility Consultant

Alexandra Fiala hell

Alexandra Fiala

First Level Support

Ein Foto von Verena Riegler

Verena Riegler
Data Scientist

Daniel Hartl-Riesel - capito

Daniel Hartl-Riesel

Daniel Somos - capito

Daniel Somos


Maik Roesenberger - capito

Maik Rösenberger

Thomas Dörflinger - capito

Thomas Dörflinger

Software Developer

Christian Hauser - capito

Christian Hauser

Data Scientist

Michael Pekar - capito

Michael Pekar
DevOps Engineer & Frontend Developer

Michael Radeka capito

Michael Radeka
Computer Linguist

David Froehlich capito

David Fröhlich

Software Developer

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