Now available: capito digital

capito digital checks your texts for comprehensibility.

capito digital supports you in writing texts in easy language.

You can see how understandable you are for which language level. And you get tips on how to further simplify your texts.

How capito supports you


Let us translate your information into easy-to-understand language.

Writing assistance

capito digital helps to write easily understandable information. capito digital is currently only available for the German language.


Learn to write in an easy-to-understand way and to communicate without barriers.

Digital channels

Use capito App, iFrame and Weblink and reach everyone barrier-free and digitally.

Why are texts in easy language so important?

Did you know that around 24 million people in Austria, Germany and Switzerland cannot read well?
Most information from companies and authorities is difficult for these people to understand.

If you communicate in an easy way you will be understood better and faster.


What our clients say about us

Your benefits with capito

Finally being understood

We bring your information to the point. You reach your target group quickly and easily.

Digital and analogue

The capito translations are perfect for every customer channel, whether offline or online.

Certified quality

The capito method is TÜV-certified - the only one in German-speaking countries.

We thank our promoters and supporters!

Flagship supported by Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft. Innosuisse - Swiss Innovation Agency

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