On-premises solutions for your needs

With an on-premises installation you can host capito digital on your own servers.

capito on premises

Full access

All services are available as on-premises solutions. You have full access to capito digital.

Simple deployment, simple updates

Our CI/CD process is designed to make on-premises installation and software updates as easy as possible.

Full control

With an on-premises installation, you can choose where the software is hosted. You have full control over your data.

All functions at a glance

Simplification API simplifies texts fully automatically for 3 easy-to-understand language levels.

Analysis API checks texts for comprehensibility and shows which simplifications can be made.

Suggestions API
For difficult words, suggests easy-to-understand alternatives.

Lexicon API
Easily understandable explanations of terms can be requested directly.

Any questions?

If you would like more information and answers to frequently asked questions about our on-premises solutions, please click here.

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