Foto von Bettina Nagler von capito Zürich.

capito Zürich

What does capito Zurich do?

The right to obtain information

Did you know that almost a million people in Switzerland cannot or cannot properly understand what they are reading? People with disabilities, reading or learning difficulties, people with a low level of education or with a migration background, senior citizens – the group of those that have to rely on easy-to-understand, barrier-free information is gigantic. Easy-to-understand language and short and precise information supports them in navigating everyday life. Because every human being has the right to obtain and understand information.

The target group decides on the language

Our services cover:


  • Text: Translations into easy-to-understand language
  • Layout: Design of easy-to-understand documents
  • Websites: Translation of barrier-free digital information
  • App, CDs, movies: Editing of barrier-free tools
  • Courses: Training of internal staff

The TÜV-certification as a quality label

All our texts are TÜV-certified. This means that a designed team checks them on quality and adaptation to the target group. The TÜV-certificate ensures that all texts that we produce fit to the corresponding target group. In addition to that, a professional proofreading checks all of our products before handover.

The Swiss capito team

Bettina Nagler is the head of capito Zürich. With her team of designated specialists she ensures, that your target group understands you. Whoever your target group may be.


“Being understood is the basis of professional and private success.”

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