Project by capito Berlin:

Brochure "Self-determined living with support"

What rights do people with disabilities have in residential homes and in residential communities? What does the Residential Participation Act say about this? And how does it affect me?

MachMit! (“Join in”) is an interactive project of GETEQ in cooperation with the Senate Department for Integration, Labor and Social Affairs, Berlin. In inclusive training sessions, participants are to learn about their rights in a way that is appropriate to the target group and situation.

The key facts

What was developed?

A 28-page brochure was developed.

Who was involved?

The text was transcribed by Josephine Bilk. The layout was created by Ralf Mischnick.

When did the project take place?

The project was completed in August 2008.

What does the brochure look like?​

Just click on the button to download the brochure!

The brochure can also be picked up free of charge. Here you can find the pick-up locations.

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