Project by capito Graz:

Easy-to-understand iPad manual

The manual was developed as a realistic guide for beginners on the iPad. It shows how to use an iPad, how to install apps and explains how to use different apps up to creating your own book with the “Book Creator”.

Even people with great fears of tablets, as well as people with learning difficulties, can acquire all the necessary skills for using an iPad very easily and step by step with this manual.

The key facts

What was developed?​

A 135-page brochure and an e-learning course were developed.

Who was involved?

Concept and text are by Uwe Lubrich and Karl Bäck. Layout and illustrations are by Katharina Binder and Fabian Schmid.

When did the project take place?

The project was completed in September 2017.

Who is the client?


You want to buy the manual?

The product is provided to all participants of tablet courses within the EU project IncluEdu. However, the manual can also be purchased for € 36.30 plus shipping costs (excl. 10% VAT) at capito.

Are you interested?

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