Project of capito Nordbayern:

Care guide of the Rummelsberger Altenhilfe

There are many technical terms and foreign words around the topics of care and nursing.

capito Nordbayern has created a brochure in Easy Language and accessible design. The information serves as orientation, education and prevention in old age.

Explaining complex issues in a way that is easy to understand leads to more security and trust.

Thanks to an appealing design, a clear structure and simple writing, users will find all the information they need. The continuous text is written at a language level of B1. The summary “In a nutshell” is written at a language level of A2.

The key facts​ ​

What was developed?​​

A 52-page brochure was developed.

Who was involved?​

The text was transcribed by Anja Pudelko and Tina Reinwand. The brochure was designed by Andreas Wölfel, Areal K3, Berufsbildungswerk der Rummelsberger Diakonie.

When did the project take place?

The project was completed in February 2019.

Who is the client?​

Rummelsberger Dienste für Menschen im Alter GmbH
Deaconess Christine Meyer
Sponsored by the Marie-Hack Stiftung Nürnberg

What does the brochure look like?​​

Just click on the button to download the brochure!

The print version of the brochure can be ordered for € 7.50 plus shipping and handling at

Are you interested?

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