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I get it! capito turns tricky texts into easily understandable language.

We translate printed and digital information - from legal texts to exhibition information and news to annual reports.

Most important: We check every translation with representatives of the target group. Because only they can judge what is understandable for them.

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We turn tricky texts into easily understandable language.

Digital channels

Easy to understand texts on smartphones and websites

Easy Learning

Study papers: Online and easy to understand


Evaluations of physical accessibilty and workshops

Current news - easy to understand

The daily newsfeed of the Austria Presse Agentur (APA) was created in cooperation with capito.
Updates are made daily Monday until Friday during the late afternoon.

You can choose between three language levels:

  • A2 (easy to understand)
  • B1 (colloquial language)
  • Original-APA-report

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