Foto von Renate Fischer von capito Vorarlberg und Liechtenstein.

capito Vorarlberg und Liechtenstein

Fischkom PR / Kommunikation

What does capito Vorarlberg und Liechtenstein do?

As Kommunikations-Agentur Fischkom we are part of the capito network since 2016.
We are your quality partner for easy-to-understand language and barrier-free communication in the region Vorarlberg and Liechtenstein.

The capito services delight us. They provide people with more autonomy, empathy and knowledge. Easy-to-understand language creates understanding, sympathy and acceptance.

Barrier-free communication and accesses create new chances for everyone!

  • We create barrier-free texts of an audited and appealing quality.
  • We translate texts and information into easy-to-understand language and easy-to-understand design.
    Our products have to pass the review of the target group.
  • We design texts, images and layouts for a barrier-free appearance: Websites, brochures, manuals, information, study materials etc.
  • We review websites in terms of accessibility.
  • We advise and train you for your speech or performance.
  • We offer you the capito app, adapted to your CI and needs.
  • We organise your barrier-free event or support you in the planning leading up to it.
  • We offer tailor-made workshops and lectures.
  • We examine buildings based on different accessility criterias.


We are looking forward to hear from you and are happy to advise you!