The capito translations

The TÜV-certified quality of the capito method

Anyone who has ever tried to simplify information knows: there is nothing simple about simplification itself. Translating complex information into easily understandable language takes a lot of practice and experience. It is a fine art that follows clear rules. This is important because it is the only way to ensure quality.

That is why we have developed a method for creating accessible information. We call this method the capito quality standard. All information products translated by capito are revised according to this standard and finally marked with our seal of quality.

The capito method is the only one in the German-speaking world that is certified annually by TÜV.

3 steps to certified capito quality

The capito criteria catalogue

The capito quality standard defines exactly what is understandable for which target group. All information is translated according to the capito criteria catalogue.

Control by the Review Group

People from the target group check whether the information is comprehensible. If there are ambiguities, the information is revised again.

The "Leicht Lesen" Quality Seal

Texts that have been translated in accordance with the catalogue of criteria and found to be comprehensible by the test group are awarded the "Leicht Lesen" Seal of Quality.

The capito criteria catalogue

Roter Stift setzt Häkchen - capito Kriterienkatalog

The capito quality standard was developed specifically for the creation of accessible information for different target groups.

 An integral part of the capito quality standard is the capito criteria catalogue. The criteria catalogue contains all the points that are important so that the respective target groups can use and understand the information.

In total, the criteria catalogue includes 160 different criteria from 6 different areas. A total of 90 criteria are dedicated to the language levels A1, A2 and B1.

Control by the Review Group

For us, quality means that products and information are barrier-free for our customers: A good text is written in such a way that the readers can understand and use it.

Therefore, the translations are checked by representatives of the target group. Because only they know exactly what is understandable to them – and what is not.

In the review group, the information is read and discussed in order to uncover possible ambiguities and misunderstandings.

Only when the translation has passed the standardized test procedure the document will receive the “Leicht Lesen” Quality Seal.

Vier Personen sitzen an Tisch und kontrollieren leicht verständliche Texte - capito Prüfgruppe

The "Leicht Lesen" Quality Seal

Each information product that has been translated and checked according to the capito method is awarded the “Leicht Lesen quality seal. The seal of approval stands for tested quality and distinguishes the high quality value of the information product.

The capito seal of approval stands for tested quality in language levels A1, A2 and B1.
Gütesiegel Leicht Lesen Sprachstufe A1 - capito Methode
Gütesiegel Leicht Lesen Sprachstufe A2 - capito Methode
Gütesiegel Leicht Lesen Sprachstufe B1 - capito Methode

In the capito quality standard all rules and steps for creating barrier-free information are written down.

The TÜV-certified quality of the capito method

TÜV is an abbreviation for Technischer Überwachungsverein (Technical Surveillance Association). TÜV Austria certifies the capito quality standard every year.

The certificate confirms the high quality of the capito method.

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