Project by capito Berlin:

Brochure on the subject of milieu protection in Berlin-Neukölln

What do tenants in “social preservation areas” – or “milieu protection areas” – have to consider when their house is modernized or turned into owner-occupied apartments? What rights do they have, and what advice does the district offer?

Berlin’s densely populated inner-city district of Neukölln wants to preserve its diversity.

With this brochure, the Department of Urban Planning addresses affected tenants with little proficiency in German and tenants with learning difficulties.

The key facts

What was developed?​​

A brochure and an accessible PDF were developed.

Who was involved?

The text was transcribed by Silke Ihden-Rothkirch and Jana Höftmann-Leben. The brochure was designed by Sophie Alex.

When did the project take place?

The project was completed in 2020.

Who is the client?​

Neukölln District Office, Urban Development Office

What does the brochure look like?​

Just click on the button to download the brochure!

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