Social franchise with capito

Acting entrepreneurially with a social impact

The capito partnership models combine the entrepreneurial mindset with the securities of a proven system and a strong network.

Franchise partnership

Together with us you develop capito products and services and distribute them in your region.

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Distribution partnership

As our distribution partner, you use your client network to distribute capito products and services.

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Quality partnership

You produce easy-to-read texts for your business. Always by your side and ready to support you: A social franchise partner.

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Walburga Fröhlich und Klaus Candussi

capito makes sense. Join us now!

He, who wants a good invention to positively impact the life of numerous people, also must help distribute it.

Many great social ideas go to waste because they lack a fitting distribution model.
This is why we decided to use the tried and tested qualities of branding and franchising to drive the distribution of capito.

This means: Multiple action-oriented businesses and people with social goals strengthen capito together.
It is their goal to achieve the highest quality and broadest effect to best support those in need of accessibilty.

Walburga Fröhlich & Klaus Candussi

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Peter Probst

Market research and project manager

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