14th March 2022

Klaus Candussi at the SXSW Conference

The first steps towards capito's internationalisation

Comprehensibility is a topic that does not only concern the German-speaking world. During a trip to the USA, capito Co-Founder Klaus Candussi is now taking important steps towards the internationalisation of capito.

While Silicon Valley is simply becoming too expensive for many tech companies and their employees, Austin, Texas is increasingly becoming the hotspot for companies from the software, high-tech and cultural sectors.

In parallel, the South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, SXSW for short, developed into the largest and most important digital, technological and creative event in the world.

The festival presents and defines digital issues across different industries and topics – from IOT to Blockchain, from Marketing to Medtech to the Future of Food, from Smart Manufacturing to the Future of Banking, from Media & Entertainment Business to Creative Tech – and also deals with numerous socially relevant digital issues of the future.

capito Co-Founder Klaus Candussi, now responsible for the internationalisation of capito, will travel to SXSW in Texas this week to explore this terrain. Whether and how capito will take the leap across the pond has not yet been decided.

“The civil rights approach in the USA disability policy strongly influenced atempo when it was founded.
Let’s see if we can give back a good tool to implement it there with the capito offerings.”

Klaus Candussi, capito Co-Founder and Manager for Internationalisation

Portrait photo of Klaus Candussi - capito digital

The plan is to expand the capito portfolio to include other languages, primarily English. The itinerary therefore also includes a stop in the north of the USA, where capito is currently preparing a cooperation with a university in Ohio.

Picture from the map of the USA with two markers for Texas and Ohio - capito trip to SXSW

We will report on the experiences and results of the first official capito USA trip in due course!

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