Portraitfoto von Doris Becker-Machreich von capito Wien

in Austria

capito Wien

Auftakt Services GmbH

Dietrichgasse 48
1030, Wien
Mag.a Doris Becker-Machreich

What does capito Wien do?

capito Wien is part of the non-profit organisation  Auftakt.

Auftakt was founded in 2000 and attends people with mental and multiple disabilities in the living and leisure segment. A large percentage of the clients is non-verbal. This means that it is not possible to communicate via language. Hence, different ways of communication have always been an important part of the daily work in our organisation.

With this knowledge, we joined the capito network and manage the office capito Wien since April 2014. Because: Information, that does not reach its recipients, is no information at all. For people with learning disabilities or limited language skills this kind of information creates a barrier the same way a staircase creates a barrier for people in a wheelchair.

The needs of people with learning difficulties and limited language skills are a particular concern to us. We are happy to advice businesses and organisations on how they can reach out to their customers or employees with easy-to-understand, barrier-free information. This results in transparency, access to new target groups and a clear profile in contrast to your competitors.

Wherever we find barriers, we want to want to resolve them with the contribution of our expertise.