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Understandable at last!

capito is all about accessibility and easy to understand language.

With clearly phrased information you reach your target group swiftly and easily.
And: you boost the impact of your communication.

Of course we also edit your original text for digital use - as content for apps, iFrames and web links.

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We translate your texts and information into easy to understand language.

Digital Solutions

Through the unique capito channels your translations are also available online.

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In our training you can learn how to write easy to understand texts.


We analyse the physical accessibility and offer workshops.

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Why is easy to understand language important?

Did you know that around 24 million people in Austria, Germany and Switzerland cannot read properly? The majority of information published by businesses and authorities is not understandable for these people.

By also providing your information in easy to read language you will also be understood by more people.

That way you can avoid misunderstanding and misinformation and promote accessibility and inclusion.

Why is capito the right choice?

Finally being understood

We translate your information into easy to read language. That way you can be sure that your target group understands you. And you're also promoting accessibility!

Accessibility - digital & analog

With the unique capito App, Weblink and iFrame you can use your translations both online and offline.

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Certified quality

The capito method is the only TÜV-certified method in the German speaking area. Hence we ensure the highest quality standards.

The capito translations put into practice:
Easy to understand news

The APA Top Easy News was developed through the co-operation of the Austria Presse Agentur (APA) and capito.

With the capito iFrame the news overview can easily be implemented on any webpage.

The news is updated daily Monday until Friday and can be read in three different language levels:

  • A2 (easy to understand language)
  • B1 (colloquial language)
  • Original APA report


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