We make information comprehensible.

And: The way we prepare easy-to-understand information makes it possible to use it both digital and analogue.


We turn tricky texts into easily understandable language.

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Digital channels

Easy to understand texts on smartphones and websites

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Easy Learning

Study papers: Online and easy to understand

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Evaluations of physical accessibilty and workshops

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We turn tricky texts into plain language.


  • The ability to read and comprehend information is a fundamental requirement to live an independent life.
  • Around 24 million people in Austria, Germany and Switzerland are either analphabetic or face reading difficulties.
  • The majority of information distributed by companies and authorities are not comprehensible for those people.


  • We translate information according to the capito format "Leicht Lesen" into the language levels A1, A2 and B2.
  • We translate according to the capito quality standards.
  • The capito method is the only method in the German-speaking area that is being TÜV-certified on an anual basis.

Digital channels: The capito app

Easy-to-read texts on smartphones and websites



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capito app

  • Translations in different language levels directly on your smartphone
  • The user can switch between the different text versions

Digital channels: iFrame or weblink

Easy-to-understand texts on your website

Your website, easy-to-understand

With the iFrame or weblink you can effortlessly include easy-to-read content on your website

  • iFrame: Display of information on your website with costumised layout
  • Weblink: Link to a new browser window for easy-to-read texts


Hände halten iPad und Screen zeigt Beispiel von capito iFrame der Grünen

Comprehensible at last!

A selection of our digital content

Digital and easy-to-understand

We are happy to share a selection of our translations with you. You can find them on our digital channels.

On smartphone and desktop

You can read our translated texts either

  • on this website via weblink and iFrame
  • on your smartphone with the free capito App


Workshops and analysis of physical accessibility

Accessibility workshops

In the capito workshops, we will...

• inform you about accessibility
• explain what accessibility means
• help to heighten safety standards

Accessibility analysis

  • We will assess your building with the CEDOS-tool
  • We will check your current environement on-site.
  • We will show you how you can make the lives of multiple people easier.


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