Beispiel Abfertigung mit leicht verständlichen Erklärungen

Account statement in Easy Language

Financial information in Easy Language for the fair-finance Vorsorgekasse

The fair-finance Vorsorgekasse is an Austrian severance pay fund.
In the account statement, fair-finance provides information on severance pay (Abfertigung).

fair-finance had capito translate the account statement into the language levels A1, A2 and B1.

The goal: To help as many people as possible understand what severance pay is, what happens with it and what they can do with it.

The project was a complete success. fair-finance was able to increase its customers’ trust and satisfaction and contribute to inclusion and accessibility.

The most important information


capito Graz has translated the fair-finance account statement into Easy Language.



Abfertigung in Leichter Sprache der fair-finance

What is the account statement about?

In the account statement, customers of the fair-finance Vorsorgekasse learn, among other things:

  • what severanve pay is.
  • what the fair-finance Vorsorgekasse does with it.
  • how high the account balance is.

You want to know what the severance pay is? In the fair-finance account statement you will find an easy-to-understand explanation. Just click here!

Comprehensibility is the trend.

If you communicate in a way that is easy to understand, you will be well received.

Easy Language not only breaks down barriers, but also increases customer satisfaction.

The account statement in Easy Language is proof of this:

fair-finance asked customers about the easy-to-understand account statement and received a lot of positive feedback.

You can read more about Easy Language here.

Leicht verständliche Kontonachricht zur Abfertigung am Smartphone

The impact of Easy Language

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What fair-finance customers say about the account statement

What fair-finance Vorsorgekasse says about capito

“Our pilot project with capito to simplify the complex information in our account statement and on severance pay, in general, was a complete success.

The positive feedback confirms that we have succeeded in increasing the satisfaction of our customers by providing easy-to-understand information, breaking down barriers and thus also positioning the fair-finance severance pay fund in a positive way.”

Fabian Pepl

Team leader for customer service at fair-finance

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