Sports and their rules explained clearly and simply

Easy-to-understand rulebooks for Special Olympics

Special Olympics is the largest sports organization for people with intellectual disabilities and multiple disabilities.

capito Berlin developed 25 brochures for various sports for Special Olympics. The brochures explain the sports and their rules in easy-to-understand language.

Overview of the most important information

What is it about?

capito Berlin developed 25 brochures for Special Olympics in easy-to-understand language.

Who collaborated?

The text comes from Silke Ihden-Rothkirch, the design was realized by Sophie Alex.

When did the project take place?

The collaboration was launched in 2015 and continues to this day.

Who commissioned the work?

Special Olympics Deutschland e.v

Leicht verständliche Regelhefte für Special Olympics - capito

Why were the easy-to-understand brochures developed?

Special Olympics offers training and regional, national and international competitions in many sports.

The Special Olympics offer is aimed at people with learning difficulties and disabilities. In order to reach the target group without barriers, easy-to-understand rules and regulations were developed.

The rulebooks help with training and preparing for competitions. They explain important basic concepts of sports, rules, scoring and exclusion conditions.

What do the rulebooks look like?

The brochures explain the playing field, accessories and important rules. For this purpose, many pictures and graphics are used.

The booklets are in A4 landscape format and range from 20 to a maximum of 52 pages. They are available as print version and as PDF file.

The sports include, for example:

Leicht verständliche Regeln von Wintersportarten - Special Olympics

What does capito Berlin say about the project?

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