Street magazine in easy language

Easy to understand articles for Hinz&Kunzt

Hinz&Kunzt is currently the highest-circulation street magazine in Germany. Over 500 homeless or formerly homeless people sell the magazine in Hamburg.


Since Hinz&Kunzt started working with capito Hamburg, articles in easy language have been an integral part of the street magazine.

Key facts

What was developed?

capito Hamburg supports Hinz&Kunzt with articles in easy language.

When did the project take place?

The project was launched at the end of 2021.

Who is the client?


Why are articles in easy language important?

Reading texts and understanding content: This is not a matter of course. What is easy to understand for one person may be difficult to understand for another.

With texts in easy language, barriers can be reduced. People can inform themselves and make decisions for themselves

Texts in easy language are also understood by more people. The easy-to-understand articles and reports help the street magazine Hinz&Kunzt reach even more people!


What is the feedback on the articles in easy language?


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