asra award atempo 2015

atempo impact report awarded with the ASRA 2015

The atempo impact report, prepared in accordance with the Social Reporting Standard, received the highest honors: it was awarded the ASRA.

atempo was awarded the ASRA for the 2014 impact report.

The award was given to those companies that have implemented the demand for a balanced and appropriate presentation of their sustainability performance in an exemplary manner. It was especially emphasized that atempo's impact report is the first Austrian sustainability report that explicitly compares performance and impact.

The ASRA 2015 was awarded to those Austrian companies that have implemented the demand for sustainable management in an exemplary manner in the 2014 business year and have presented it transparently in their sustainability report.

The award is presented by the Chamber of Chartered Accountants and Tax Consultants in cooperation with the Institute of Austrian Certified Public Accountants, the Ministry of Life, the Federal Environment Agency, the Federation of Austrian Industry and respACT - austrian business council for sustainable development, the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and the Austrian Society for Environment and Technology.

The aim of ASRA is to promote the trend towards sustainability reporting at international level in Austria and to draw attention to innovative reports. The ASRA was awarded for the 16th time this year.