Easy Language in APA PR-Desk

With capito.ai, texts can be simplified in the PR desk.

The PR-Desk of APA-Comm is a platform for PR specialists. Information and news can be disseminated, monitored and researched on the platform.

capito.ai has been integrated into the PR Desk. Editors can simplify content directly in the PR desk and benefit from capito digital without any detours.

The key facts

What was developed?

capito.ai was integrated into the APA PR-Desk.

When did the project take place?

The project was launched in 2022.

Who is the client?


Why is Easy Language so important for media?

Clear and easy language is important wherever information is needed. Accordingly, easy language is important for journalists. 

Back in 2017, APA-Comm launched a news overview in Easy Language in cooperation with capito. To this date, APA TopEasy News provides daily news in easy-to-understand language.

With the integration of capito digital into the PR Desk, APA-Comm is taking the next step towards more comprehensibility for all.


What impact does the integration of capito digital have?

Are you interested?

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