Democratic elections explained in an easy to understand way

Election instructions in plain language for the canton of Zürich

More and more political institutions are recognising the importance of easy-to-understand communication.

This is also the case in the canton of Zürich: The canton has commissioned capito Zürich to produce an election guide in plain language.

Overview of the most important information

What is it about?

capito Zürich has developed an election guide in plain language for the canton of Zürich.

When did the project take place?

2022 / 2023

Why was the election guide developed?

In order to make democratic processes accessible to as many people as possible, information that is easy to understand is needed.

The voting guide was developed to break down existing barriers and thus make the elections as accessible as possible.

For capito Zürich, the assignment was a welcome home game. The Swiss team had previously developed a general election guide and an election guide for the canton of Graubünden.

How can politics and democracy be made more understandable?

To counteract disenchantment with politics, falling voter turnout and misinformation, we need information that is easy to understand.

This is also the conviction of capito Zürich. The team around Bettina Nagler has already developed an easy-to-understand election guide on its own initiative in 2019.

In 2022, there was a broad discussion and media debate on the occasion of the Swiss referendum booklet.

SRF allowed those affected to have their say and reported on capito and easy language.


What does capito Zürich say about the project?

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