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Voting guide in easy language for the 2019 national elections in Switzerland.

The election process can be quite complicated. For many people with learning and reading difficulties it can be hard to gather the relevant information. Thus is it very difficult to vote independently.

That’s why capito Zurich developed an election guide in easy language.

After all the main principle of a democracy is simple: all eligible voters should be able to form an opinion and vote in a self-determined way.

Since then, capito Zurich has translated election instructions into plain language several times:

The key facts

What was developed?

capito Zurich has developed a voting guide in easy language.

When did the project take place?


Who is the client?

capito Zurich developed a voting guide in easy language on its own initiative.

Why was the voting guide in easy language developed?

Every individual should be able to participate in political life. That’s why we also need voting instructions in easy language.

The main target group of this brochure are people with learning difficulties.


But the official voting guide can confuse other people as well.

The easy-to-read version of the voting instruction is thus for everyone that sometimes finds the processes of political life a bit complicated.

capito Zurich published a printed election guide that was sold to local communities and cities.


If you want to take a look at the table of contents of the broschure, click on the button below (only available in German).

How did the audience receive the voting guide?

The easy-to-read voting instructions were enthusiastically received by local communities and cities.

In 2022 a broad discussion was promoted among the Swiss people. The official voting guide is too complicated for many of them. It excludes them from democratic processes.

SRF gave affected people a chance to speak and reported about capito and the easy-to-understand language.


If you want to watch the SRF report, click on the button below (only available in German).


What does capito Zurich say about the project?

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